Poetry and Illustration workshop!

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to say thanks to the KHMG for coming allong to the poetry and illustration that Jess Wilson and I ran last weekend, it was great to have lots of you there and brilliant to read your amazing poems.

Really good to see lots of new people in the museum, and let’s hope that the work that they produced responding via illustratrations and poetry can hopefully go on display in the museum. It will be a interesting for visitors to re-interpret objects and add lots of different layers of understanding to the collection.

Looking forward to writing to lots of museum groups about the upcoming workshops, and telling them about a secret or little know fact from Keats House. We will be able to gather lots of secrets from museums accross London! When would be a good time for us to gather and start the letter writing?

See you and hope all is well,

Laila x


16 January, 2012 21:50

Hi everyone.

I was just on the Young Poet’s Network entering a competition (I saw a link to our page from it under the writing groups section, which was very cool).

Anyway, the competition I was entering was to do with the crossover between poetry and plays and it got me thinking about writing scripts.

I know we have a lot of plans for upcoming workshops at the moment, so we probably couldn’t fit in another one about script-writing anytime soon, but we might want to explore that medium sometime in the future, if anyone’s interested in it.

15 December, 2011 17:31

First blog post.. Hope this works! I thought I’d do a quick web search for letters that are in London museum collections. Here are a few interesting ones, some of which you may even be able to decipher online!

Letter from Bill Fletcher to his wife, written from the Western Front and enclosing a pressed poppy, 10 July 1918. Imperial War Museum.

Letter written by Nelson with his left hand seven years after losing his right arm, 19 March 1908. Wellcome Collection.

Letter written by Benjamin Franklin to his sister Jane Mecom, 13 January 1772. Benjamin Franklin House.

Letter from George Washington to his dentist, 20 Feburary 1795. Science Museum.

Letter written by suffragette Leonora Tyson to her mother and sister whilst imprisoned in Holloway Castle, 5 March 1912. Museum of London.

Letter in Hebrew on a piece of pottery from Hosha’yahu to Ya’osh, both military officials at the time of ancient Lachish’s destruction by the Babylonians, 586 BC. British Museum.

And of course, the Keats House collection includes a letter from Keats to Fanny Brawne that was bought at auction this year.



An emailed post

Emailing a post is just so easy! And you can write a post about as long as this.

I was at Keats House for the regular monthly poetry event on Sunday. It was fabulous.

Paul Sherreard

Interpretation Officer

London Metropolitan Archives

Keats House

Guildhall Roman Amphitheatre and Art Gallery

020 7332 3851 / 07813 129 590


Minutes from our last meeting on 17th December

Keats House Museum Group Meeting November 17th


Keats Memorial Library














1) Love Letter event #1.

We are planning an event in February to tie in with Love Letter project. This would take place on the 12th Feb as part of the KH weekend activities on offer.

We will work with Anjan Saha –Keats House Visiting Writer


Workshop ideas:

Draft stories from session one

Write letters to and from characters from the stories, in session two.

Pick characters out of a bag – describe them from different character persepctives


Can we connect this workshop with half-term activity?

We would like to interact with other museum groups and invite them along to take part in this and other events.


2) SOTW networking activities


We will draft letters (using quills and sealing wax on parchment) and send to other museum youth panels.

We will network with them, invite them to join us for events etc – lead in to May festival.


Theme: Keats House secrets




Museum of London (Junction)

London Transport Museum

Guildhall Art Gallery (ReHang)

Maritime Museum

British Museum


Bruce Castle Museum

Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood

Imperial War Museum

British Library

Dorich House

375 Wandsworth Road

Victoria and Albert Museum

Wordsworth Cottage

Bronte Parsonage


In each letter we will invite members of the group to the workshop in February, and will also invite them to come to an event and workshop in May.

We will also ask them to write back to us in a manner appropriate to their museum!

Letters will be scanned, placed on the blog, and be added to our Spring gazette.

Letters will be exhibited at Keats House as part of the festival in Spring.


3. Other workshop ideas


‘Illustrating words – using words to illustrate’


Could happen in January or March on a Sunday afternoon?


Jess Wilson (illustrator) work with Laila to deliver workshop?



4. Later in the year – Love Letter Event #2.


We will work with Anjan again in May and June in creative writing workshops around love letter themes. Dates are tbc. The workshops will pull together the work we have done in Jan – May.


5. Next steps


At December meeting, we will pull together ideas for our gazette and come up with a name!

Next meeting set for Dec 17th.


6. The coming months: calendar (draft)


Dec      -Gazette work

Jan       -Words Illustration workshop – with other youth panels invited

            -Post letters to other museums, letters to include invitation to write back and          invitations to our next event

Feb      -Writing workshops (Anjan)

Mar      -Gazette


May     -Writing workshops (Anjan)

June     -Festival



  1. Shez to contact the other managers of the panels and invite them to the workshop on 12th Feb
  2. Shez to book in the Feb 12th workshop


  1. Shez to book a date with KH and pass Jess’ contact to Laila
  2. Shez to contact the other managers of the panels and invite them to the workshop on 12th Feb
  3. Laila to write a workshop plan and contact Jess
  4. David to consult on workshop plan and help to publicise
  5. Photographs on blog
  6. Recruitment – COL Academies and other schools – Shez to contact/ CSV
  7. V50 – Shez to send the volunteer logs to David and Laila
  8. Book workshop dates in calendar – Shez


That sounds great, would be really good to have a selection of gazette examples to see what styles and layouts we like, and what would be best for the KH one. Also, would the KH poets be the exclusive writers?

I think it would be really good to have any local writing groups involved as well- would widen the interest and open it up. We could also publicise any upcoming events and workshops. Could past workshop leaders, submit poems? Event reviews?? don’t know how many pages or what budget restrictions are, so my imagination is running away! (working with local photographers, student photographers and artists for images??) In short, quarterly review, great idea, just need to know scope!